Best Father-In-Law Gifts

Of all the people on your gift list, there are probably few as hard to shop for as your father-in-law. He’s an important part of your significant other’s life and you want to make sure that you’re showing him the right level of appreciation, but how sentimental is too sentimental? And what does he even like, anyway? 

At least, that was the case until now! 

No matter what your relationship with him might look like, here are some awesome gifts from the Trejo Store that your father-in-law is sure to appreciate receiving (and that will earn you some major brownie points in the meantime!). 

Hawaiian Hat

If your father-in-law doesn’t consider an outfit a good one unless he’s rocking a Hawaiian shirt, step up his game one step further with this printed Hawaiian Hat from the Trejo’s Store. In addition to a bright and colorful tropical print, it also features a Trejo’s Tacos logo with Danny Trejo himself, so he can easily rock his favorite print, his favorite actor, and his favorite taco joint all at once … a definite winner for any Trejo fan! 

Black / Gold/ Grey Stripe Pom Pom Beanie

On the other hand, your father-in-law might be more partial to beanies, in which case this Trejo’s Cerveza beanie is a sure winner. This ultra-warm beanie features black, gold, and heather gray stripes and a festive pom pom, plus the Trejo’s Cerveza logo for the FIL who appreciates a good brew just as much as he does a warm head. 

Trejo’s House Blend Whole Bean Coffee - Dark Roast 

For the in-law who appreciates a cup of joe that packs a punch just as hard as the ones in Danny Trejo’s infamous action scenes, you can’t do much better than this whole bean dark roast. This blend contains 40% Brazil Mogiana, 40% Brazil Bob-o-Link, and 20% Guatemalan Huehuetenango and is the same exact coffee that’s featured in all of the Trejo’s restaurants and donut shops in Los Angeles. It’ll be a great way for your coffee connoisseur in-law to get his day started off on the right foot --- and it’s always a bonus if that’s due in large part to you! 

Vintage Red T-Shirt

A good, comfy tee is one of the best gifts for anybody to receive, and this is especially true when it features the logo of your father-in-law’s favorite actor and hot sauce. Besides being known for his many, many action film accolades, Danny Trejo is also an accomplished restauranteur who owns a variety of restaurants like Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Cantina, and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts, all of which use the same Trejo’s Hot Sauce that is featured on this comfy unisex T-shirt. 

Can Cooler

Your father-in-law enjoys sipping on a nice cold brew at the end of the day as he settles in with his favorite movies, so give him the gift of a perfectly insulated cup every single time with this can cooler. It’s made of black foam and fits most beers or soft drinks and, of course, it features the famous Trejo’s Tacos logo so that he can represent his favorite actor (preferably while rewatching Machete for the umpteenth time). 

Chef’s Apron 

If there’s one thing that your father-in-law is known for, it’s throwing down on the grill at those big family gatherings … so help him keep his clothes clean while he’s grilling up something delicious by gifting him this chef’s apron. This large black canvas apron is made of 100% cotton and has an adjustable neck strap so he can comfortably cook and BBQ to his heart’s content, then take it off and have a spotless outfit underneath. It’s a great gift for any guy who shows his love for his family through cooking and is always ready to grill up a feast. 

Danny’s Essentials

For the Machete superfan who wants to live his life as close to the OG badass as possible, this Danny’s Essentials bundle is a great gift for helping them achieve that goal. It features a 3-pack of Trejo’s signature hot sauce that he can add to his favorite foods, an organic cotton tote bag for grocery shopping and lugging stuff around, and a tortilla warmer for a perfectly warm and moist tortilla from the microwave every single time. 

Trejo’s Cantina Cookbook signed by Danny Trejo 

In addition to all the time he’s spent in front of the camera, Danny Trejo also has a passion for delicious fare (as anyone who has been to any of the Trejo’s restaurants can attest to!). If your father-in-law also loves delicious food and non-alcoholic drinks, give him this cookbook that features a ton of cocktails, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks inspired by Danny’s Mexican culture and Hollywood background. All of these cantina-inspired recipes are meant to bring the family together, so don’t be surprised if he starts throwing a ton of parties and inviting you and your significant other over more often --- and the best part: this copy is signed by Danny Trejo himself, so it’s a collector’s item just as much as it is a delicious inspiration for his next dinner party. 

Trejo’s Tacos Striped Socks 

Socks are the ultimate fall-back gift if you just can’t figure out what to get someone: they’re useful, they’re comfy, and they’re universal. If you’re stuck on socks but want to make sure that it’s still a meaningful gift that he’s actually going to appreciate, take it that one step further and give your father-in-law these fun striped crew socks that feature a Trejo’s Tacos logo. They’ll go with any outfit and fit almost anybody, plus he can use them to subtly show off his deep and unabiding love for tacos and action flicks. 


Shopping for your father-in-law can be hard: they’re one of the most important people in your family since they helped raise your significant other, but it can be hard to gauge an appropriate gift depending on your relationship with them. Luckily, the perfect gift for your father-in-law’s birthday, Father’s Day, or holiday is not at all hard to find if he’s a Trejo fan. With merch from the Trejo’s Store, you’re sure to find something that he’ll actually really enjoy receiving. 

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