Challenges With Friends (and Danny Trejo)

Are you and your friends tired of doing the same old thing whenever you hang out? Need a challenge? We’ve got an idea: take some cues from the most exciting action movie star in the game, Danny Trejo! 

We’ve gathered a list of fun challenges to do with your friends to take your next hang to the next level. Note: even though they’re inspired by the various stunts and scenes in Danny Trejo’s movies, these challenges are meant to be fun, not dangerous. Make safety your number one priority and be responsible! 

Axe-throwing challenge 

Of all the roles that Danny is known for, Machete is definitely one of his most notable. And even though you definitely don’t want to be throwing real machetes around with your friends (safety first!), an axe-throwing competition in a safe and controlled venue is a very good substitute. 

Axe throwing has become all the rage recently, and for good reason. It’s fun but challenging, and has a slight tinge of danger, making it the perfect friend challenge for anyone who enjoys action movies and a little friendly competition. Gather up a group of your friends and head to your local axe-throwing venue. Some ideas to make it extra challenging: make a competitive bracket to see who can throw the highest score out of five throws. Or, if you have some real hot shots in your group, have them go back to back, throwing axes until the first person misses the bullseye. 

Taco eating contest 

Danny Trejo isn’t just known for his many films --- he’s also a major foodie. In fact, he even has three restaurants named after him including Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts, Trejo’s Cantina, and the famous Trejo’s Tacos. So if you and your friends all have a major appetite, make it a competition to see who can eat the most tacos in one sitting. Set a timer for five minutes, lay out a table of tacos that are all the same size, then go to town and see who eats the most by the time the timer runs out. 

Hot sauce contest

Can you handle the heat? Gather an assortment of hot sauces with varying degrees of spice (don’t forget Trejo’s Hot Sauce!) and lay them out in order from least to most spicy. Then fill a tiny shot glass with each kind of hot sauce and have your friends taste-test each one in progression. Whoever needs a drink of water first loses! 

Cooking challenge 

If you and your friends are always showing off in the kitchen, it’s time to challenge each other to a cooking competition. Start with some basic ingredients inspired by Danny’s own restaurants (think lime, tortillas, and carnitas, for example) then have each competitor whip up the best meal that they can think of. Then, have an impartial third party judge which meal is the best. It’s a great way to have a fun time and eat delicious food, so complete win-win. Bonus points if you use one of Danny’s tried-and-true recipes from Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook or Trejo’s Cantina Cookbook

Movie trivia challenge

For a fun twist on game night, make a movie trivia challenge to see who the biggest Trejo fan in your group is! Gather up a list of trivia questions based on Trejo’s movies and career at large, keeping tabs on who gets the most questions right. Then, give the winner a Trejo T-shirt to celebrate their win! 

Push-up challenge

If you really want to show off your strength and brawn, there’s no better challenge than a push-up challenge. Have all of your friends get into a high plank, then match each other push-up for push-up until someone taps out. 

Obstacle course challenge

For friend groups that like to get a little creative and have the room to do so, build an obstacle course in your backyard that’ll have your friends showing off their speed, strength, and stamina. Then time each person as they run through the obstacle course, giving the top prize to the friend who finishes it in the least amount of time. Bonus points if you make your obstacle course themed based on a Trejo movie, like escaping the cartel or being chased by vampires a la From Dusk Til Dawn

Trejo-themed movie night challenge 

Have everyone dress up and do their best Danny Trejo impressions all night long based on their up favorite character he’s played. If anyone breaks character, they get punished by doing ten push-ups. 

Tattoo challenge

Feeling artsy? One of Danny’s signature traits is his collection of ink, so it makes for a great challenge for the creatively-inclined friend groups to replicate them! Have each of your friends draw out the biggest and boldest Trejo-inspired tattoos on their bodies using nontoxic markers. Then, designate a judge to award prizes for best artistry and creativity. 

“Machete” fight 

There’s no better way to honor Danny during your challenge than to fight around with machetes --- plastic toy machetes, that is! Play out a sword fight, using your best defensive and offensive moves to avoid being touched by the “blade.” If any part of your body does get touched by the toy, you’re out. Keep going with all of your friends until the last man or woman standing. 

Nerf gun battle

Trejo’s film career has seen plenty of epic shoot-outs, so it’s only right to include an epic Nerf gun battle the next time you hang out with your friends. Divide up into two teams and start an action movie-inspired shootout in which every time someone gets tagged with a Nerf bullet, they’re out. Keep it rolling until there’s just one person left standing. You can also do the same type of challenge with water guns or paintball guns. 

Weightlifting challenge

If you really want to prove who’s the biggest Bad Ass in your group, challenge everyone to a weightlifting challenge! Pick one major lift (ie: deadlift, squat, bench press, or curl), then keep upping the weight until someone fails to lift through the entire movement. Whoever can lift the most weight successfully is the winner. 

Note: this should only be done if your friend group has experience in weightlifting with the proper technique and form. Know your limits, prioritize good form, stay safe, and don’t do anything stupid for the sake of showing off. 

Escape room challenge 

There have been plenty of escape scenes in Danny’s resume, so an escape room is an awesome way to get all of your friends in on the action. Build your own “escape room” Inspired by the prison break movies Danny has starred in, including Con Air, Alcatraz, and Point Blank. Make puzzles, hide clues around the room, and give your friends an hour to see if they can successfully crack the code in time.

Arm Wrestling challenge 

Finally, if you want a simple and to-the-point challenge for your friends that’ll push everyone’s strength to the limit, a simple arm-wrestling match will do. Have everyone pair up, then gather each group around a table for an arm-wrestling match. Do this elimination bracket style until you’re left with one winner. 


Challenging your friends to a friendly show of strength, “battle,” or game is an awesome way to mix up your stand hangouts and build plenty of fun memories in the process. With these Danny Trejo-inspired challenges, you’re sure to keep everyone on their toes! 

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