Date Ideas With Danny Trejo

Hey lovebirds: is that same old dinner-and-a-movie night just not cutting it anymore? We’ve got you covered. 

Read on for some killer date ideas that don’t suck, inspired by the legend Danny Trejo himself. 

Take a boxing class together.

    While getting into the ring together is (understandably) probably not at the top of your list of romantic date ideas, you should probably reconsider! Boxing classes are a great way to stay fit and get moving -- and when done with the right partner, they’re also a ton of fun and a great bonding experience. Bonus points: for the competitive couples, a boxing class also welcomes the opportunity of a healthy amount of loving, good-natured shit-talking. 

    Hit up your local taco spot.

      You heard it here first: stuffy sit-down dinners are out and casual taco joints are in! If you want a dinner date that you’re actually going to enjoy and be comfortable in (and not spend a ton of money in the process), check out your local taco restaurant to get a delicious, hot meal that won’t cost you an arm or a leg, nor do you have to dress up super fancy to go there.

      Danny Trejo loves tacos so much that he started his own line of Trejo’s Tacos restaurants, which you can visit at its various locations in the Los Angeles area if you want a date that’s always cool and never compromises on taste. But if you aren’t lucky enough to be in the area, you can always recreate the cool date scene at home by trying your hand at the recipes in Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook. Just don’t forget to top it all off with that signature Trejo’s Hot Sauce to get the right amount of kick no matter where your date is taking place! 

      Go to a classic car and/or motorcycle show. 

        If you love classic cars and motorcycles just as much as Danny does, consider visiting your local classic car show with your partner. Not only will you get to see some of your favorite whips in person and chat with their real owners to get some insider tips, but it’s also a great way to plan what you want your future to look like (and which classic cars and motorcycles you two will have in your garage when you get there).

        Visit a tattoo shop and get some new ink together. 

          It may be taboo to get a matching tat with your partner, but if you both have separate ideas for new pieces that you’re each wanting to get, why not make a date out of it and go together? Getting ink together can be a real bonding experience and offers plenty of romantic opportunities for you and your partner to get closer (see: squeezing their hand while trying not to cry out in pain from the needle hitting a particularly spicy spot). 

          Or, if you aren’t ready to make a big commitment to some new ink on you for life, you can practice your art skills on each other and try some ideas by drawing on each other with non-toxic markers. 

          Explore some areas of Los Angeles that you’ve never been to before. 

            Trejo is a Hollywood legend, and he also grew up in Los Angeles, which means that this area is especially dear to him. And whether you’re new to the area or a lifelong veteran, there are so many different places to see that the possibilities for sightseeing are endless! Play tourist for a day and hop onto a Hollywood tour bus, check out some of the most iconic cultural spots, or spend the day driving around the hills and checking out the scenes that make the area so damn special (bonus points if you’re cruising around in a classic car or a motorcycle). 

            Play a game of pool at your local dive bar. 

              Date nights definitely don’t have to be fancy to be fun! If you’re looking for a chill date night that’ll still leave you both laughing and flexing your competitive edge, check out your local dive bar and play a game of pool or darts. There’ll be plenty of creative trash talk and guaranteed memories made. 

              Take a hike (literally). 

                If you and your partner veer more towards the adventurous, take a walk on the wild side and explore some of the green spaces near you on foot. Whether you’re hiking up the infamous Hollyridge Trail to the Hollywood sign or exploring a far-flung trail quite literally in the middle of nowhere, it’s a great way for you both to disconnect from all the pressures of the outside world and simply exist together in the moment, all while taking in some gorgeous views along the way. 

                If you’re really trying to amp up the romantic vibes, try bringing along a picnic! Charcuterie meats, cheeses, and sweets can all stay good through the majority of most hikes, and you’ll be able to toast your success with each other once you reach the summit. 

                Have a (non-alcoholic) cocktail night and get creative. 

                  If your ideal date night actually means staying in, make your cozy night even more special by throwing an at-home cocktail night and making your house or apartment your own personal cantina for two. 

                  How it works: have each person select a fancy cocktail (or mocktail) recipe, and spend the night mixing them up and putting them together. Then you two can argue about which drink turned out the best! If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, check out Trejo’s Cantina Cookbook, which has a huge variety of cantina-ready recipes like cocktails, drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks so that everyone can participate. 

                  Put together an action movie night that your significant other actually enjoys.

                    There’s no better Trejo-inspired date night idea than having an action movie night --- after all, he’s a certified legend in the field! But if action movies aren’t really your partner’s thing, you can have your cake and eat it too simply by making your movie night a little more fun for everyone. 

                    For example, you can make it a themed night where you decorate the room with some cheap decorations and you both have to dress up in a ridiculous costume of one of the characters of the movies you’ll be watching (hint: the character Machete makes a great costume). Or, make it an interactive drinking game by encouraging the both of you to drink every time Danny Trejo shows up in a movie he’s not starring in or every time something explodes. Finally, you can’t go wrong with plenty of snacks that’ll keep their attention no matter what’s on the screen! 

                    Go to a food truck festival and try different cuisines.

                      We love food truck festivals because they are so diverse and showcase so many different cuisines, all in one spot. So they’re also a great date idea for anyone who loves a little bit of food and adventure! Look up your next local food truck festival and visit it with your partner. Make sure you get Mexican food, of course, but also branch out and try some things you never had before, like Ethiopian, Morrocan, Filipino, etc. It’s a great time and it might inspire some new travel plans for the two of you. 


                      If your date night needs a major kick, try these Danny Trejo-inspired dates out for size! You can thank us later.

                      Image credit: Photo by Alan Quirvan on Unsplash