Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend? Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, his birthday, or just want to show him some love and appreciation on a random day, here’s our list of recommendations for the best boyfriend gifts from Trejos Tacos and more. 

For the daredevil: Trejo’s Hot Sauce Special Edition 2022

Actor Danny Trejo loves hot sauce so much that he serves a unique blend at his restaurant Trejo’s Tacos, but he also is taking it one step further and creating a unique sauce every holiday season! 

The 2022 version is made with the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper, aka the second hottest pepper in the world (in fact, it measures its heat at a whopping 2 million Scoville units!). The flavor is smoky, spicy, and also a little bit sweet, which makes it a great pairing for virtually any savory dish from eggs to tacos. 

Even better, this particular hot sauce version also comes signed by Danny Trejo himself, making it a doubly suitable gift for any guy who loves kickass action movies and scorching hot sauce on his foods.

For the boyfriend who appreciates culture and knows good art: Sugar Skull by Ernesto Yerena

This beautiful sugar skull piece by artist Ernesto Yerena is a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture and was first commissioned for the very first Trejos Tacos location in Los Angeles. And now, you can get a high-quality screenprint of this iconic piece of artwork for your boyfriend to hang in his own home! 

This screen print measures at 18x24 inches and comes ready to be framed. It’s signed by both the artist Ernesto Yerena and Danny Trejo himself, so your boyfriend can have a truly authentic piece that’s sure to start a conversation every time he has visitors over. 

For a gift that you’ll probably both end up using: Grey/Black Hoodie

This super-soft hoodie with a Trejo’s Tacos logo is bound to be well-received by any boyfriend. The best part is, it’s so nice that you’ll probably want to borrow it yourself! This hoodie is available in multiple sizes and made with a 60% cotton/40% polyester blend that’ll keep your boyfriend (and you) warm through even the coldest nights. 

For the foodie: Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook 

If your man loves throwing it down in the kitchen and whipping up delicious meals for the both of you to share, he’ll definitely appreciate this Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook (and yes, you will too once you get to try the recipes he makes from it!). 

Not only does it include 75 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, but it also features stories and photos from the man himself that celebrate the city of Los Angeles and all the ways that it made Danny Trejo the man he is today. 

For the boyfriend who loves a good accessory: Socks and Beanie Bundle 

A warm, cozy accessory can really make or break any outfit. It can also help keep your man nice and toasty even on the coldest days. Enter: this combination of socks and a beanie, all repping Trejo. It comes with two different pairs of Trejo’s Tacos socks and a comfortable and stylish heather grey beanie so that he can rep his favorite taco spot and actor all while staying warm and looking good doing it. 

For the caffeine fiend: Trejo’s House Blend Whole Bean Coffee 3-Pack

Fun fact. Danny Trejo doesn’t just own Trejo’s Tacos; he also has Trejo’s Cantina and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts! So if your action movie-loving boyfriend is also a big fan of good coffee, you can’t do much better than this three-pack of whole-bean coffee roasts that are actually served at Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts locations. This 3-pack comes with a light roast, medium roast, or dark roast, and they’re all made with 100% Arabica beans. It’s a great gift for any guy who loves a mug of hot, high-quality coffee before he gets the day started. 

For the guy who’s always on the go: Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Having a hard time choosing a gift for your boyfriend? Forget that boring old coffee mug and get him this Trejo-themed option instead! Whether he’s sipping on a piping hot cup of Trejo’s Coffee or an ice-cold glass of water, this insulated coffee tumbler is the perfect vessel for keeping them at the exact right temperature. This 16 oz CamelBak tumbler is made with insulated stainless steel and a lid for keeping his drinks as delicious as he needs them no matter where the day takes him. 

For the Mexican food enthusiast: Trejo’s Taco Tortilla Warmer

In our opinion, no meal is complete without a batch of deliciously hot tortillas, but it can be a pain warming up a bunch of them, especially if you don’t have the oven or stove space. So this microwaveable tortilla warmer is a total game changer: just pop your tortillas into the pouch and microwave! It’s way easier than heating each tortilla up individually and is perfect for hosting fiestas and dinner parties with hot, fresh tortillas all night long even if the stove and oven are otherwise occupied. 

For the ultimate Trejo Fan: Trejo’s Tacos Vintage Blue T-Shirt

There are few gifts as simple but well-received as a good tee, which is why this classic T-shirt is an awesome gift for anyone who wants to rep their love of Trejo’s Tacos, Los Angeles, and everyone’s favorite character actor himself! The background is vintage blue and will match great with almost any outfit he puts together, and the yellow logo features the signature “Trejo’s Tacos: Hecho En Los Angeles” plus a picture of Danny’s face.


The best gifts for a significant other are the ones that show that you’ve truly taken note of their likes, interests, and hobbies. So if your boyfriend is a big fan of Danny Trejo (or action movies in general) and loves coffee, tacos, or any combination of the above, he’s going to love these gifts! 

Photo by Budgeron Bach