The Best Ideas For Organizing a Danny Trejo-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a unique way to shake things up and make your next party or gathering as fun as possible? It’s time to take some cues from the king of fun times and big adventures, Danny Trejo and plan an epic scavenger hunt that your friends will never forget! 

Read on for the ultimate list of scavenger hunts inspired by the action star and Hollywood’s nicest “bad guy,” Danny Trejo. And the best part: you’ll be playing for Trejo merch! How’s that for motivation? 

The Action Movie-Inspired Hunt

Danny is famous for his many action-packed roles. So for an action-packed adventure that’s equal parts scavenger hunt and obstacle course, design a scavenger hunt inspired by his spirit of adventure and daring! Create a list of items that participants need to find like a bandana, a pair of binoculars, and a compass. Then, design a hunt around your city that requires the use of all of these tools to finish the entire race. On their way, set up some “obstacles” inspired by Danny’s various roles, like climbing a wall or crawling through a tunnel to get to the finish line. Only the fastest and smartest can finish first, and the winner gets a Danny Trejo Black Flat Brim hat to keep their face shielded from the sun on their next adventure. 

The Tattoo Hunt

When you envision Danny in your mind, you probably envision a ton of dope tattoos, so create a scavenger hunt that’s all about his love of ink and art. Create a list of items that participants need to find like traditional tattoo designs, non-toxic markers, and some paper. Participants will need to create their own tattoo using the materials provided, then have it judged by a panel who rate each piece based on how much they think Danny would like to actually get it tatted on his skin. For the prize, gift your winner a pack of Trejo’s House Blend Whole Bean Coffee so they can keep those creative wheels spinning all night long.

The “Weapons” Hunt

One of Danny’s most iconic roles is as Machete in the movie of the same name, as well as in Spy Kids. To pay homage to this weapons-slinging action movie hero, organize a hunt for toy versions of all of the iconic weapons he uses in his films like guns, chainsaws, and, of course, machetes. The person who finds all of the “weapons” gets to leave with their very own Trejo’s Tacos Apron so they can sling their own weapons (aka the knives and tools they use in the kitchen) in style without messing up their clothes! 

The Foodie Hunt 

Fun fact: you might know him primarily as Hollywood’s favorite anti-hero character actor, but Danny also has made a huge name for himself in the Los Angeles foodie scene! He even has three restaurants of his own: Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Cantina, and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts. So to pay homage to his foodie side, create a scavenger hunt/cooking competition! 

Hide key ingredients like jalapenos, avocados, tomatoes, and hot sauce around the area. Then have your participants hunt for the ingredients following clues. Once they have all the ingredients on their list, they’ll have to head to the kitchen and create a dish inspired by Mexican cuisine. Have a panel of judges decide which creation is the best. The best cook gets a signed copy of Danny’s signature Trejos Tacos Cookbook to enjoy some of Danny’s best creations from the comfort of their own home. 

The Taco Truck Adventure

On a similar note, a scavenger hunt around town is the perfect opportunity to taste some of your city’s tastiest tacos! Create a list of clues that direct participants to the best taco trucks and restaurants in your area, and have them order the spiciest option on the menu. The first person to solve all of the clues and eat all of the tacos gets a three-pack of Danny’s signature Trejo’s Tacos Hot Sauce to add a smoky, spicy kick to everything they eat.

The Ultimate Danny Trejo Movie Hunt

One of Danny’s most notable accomplishments is that he’s appeared in hundreds of iconic movies over the years, which means that you can create a lengthy scavenger hunt that’s all about his impressive filmography. Create a list of items that participants need to find inspired by his movies, like a DVD copy of Machete, a toy inspired by the gadgets in Spy Kids, and a clove of garlic to pay homage to his role as a vampire in From Dusk Til Dawn. Participants will also need to complete tasks that are inspired by the movies, such as quoting a line from a movie or acting out a particularly action-packed scene. The winner of this game is obviously going to be a true fan, so give them the gift of Danny’s Essentials, which includes some of Danny’s favorite items so they can live life inspired by their favorite actor. 

The Survivor Hunt 

Looking to create a real bonding experience that’ll have your friends testing their skills out in the wild? Create a scavenger hunt that's all about survival skills! Create a list of items that participants need to find, including a fire starter, a water filter, and a map. Participants will also need to complete tasks that are inspired by Danny Trejo's roles, such as building a shelter or starting a fire. This is a great idea for a scavenger hunt that you’re organizing out in the wild --- like on a hiking trip or camping excursion out in the middle of nowhere --- but it can also do just as well as a backyard adventure to give your friends a safe taste of the skills it takes to survive. The winner of this scavenger hunt gets rewarded with a warm and cozy Grey/Black Hoodie to keep them nice and toasty on their next outdoor excursion. 


Danny’s worn a lot of epic hats in his day, both as an actor and as the man himself, so there’s no better inspiration for a day of fun, adventure, and problem-solving. Get ready for a day filled with adventure, stunts, delicious food, and a great time! 

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