The Best Apron For Men Who Love To Cook

You’re a legend on the grill and in the kitchen. Friends and family come from near and wide when they hear that you’re throwing a barbecue, fiending to get a taste of your signature carne asada, burgers, and steaks. You genuinely love throwing down in the kitchen and whipping up something delicious to share with the people closest to you. 

And every time you get down to it on the grill or in your kitchen and cook something delicious, you end up with a ton of food splattered all over your clothes. 

If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news: you really don’t need to wear your delicious creations on your clothes anymore. Here’s why you need an apron if you’re a guy who loves to cook — plus the best apron on the market from the restauranteur, nicest “bad guy” character actor, and infamous badass OG himself, Danny Trejo. 

The best apron for men who love to cook: Trejo’s Tacos Chef’s Apron

If you’re looking for an apron to throw on whenever you’re in the kitchen that’ll keep you and your clothes clean, look no further than the Trejo’s Tacos Chef’s Apron from the Trejo’s Store! 

Featuring a Trejo’s Tacos logo and a stylized picture of actor Danny Trejo, this chef’s apron is the ultimate badass apron for any man (or anyone, really!) who loves chefing up a delicious meal, preferably to be enjoyed while an action-packed movie plays in the background. Whether you’re grilling at a backyard barbecue, mixing up a batch of fresh baked goods, chopping up the ingredients for your favorite salsa, or anything in between, this adjustable black canvas apron acts as the perfect shield for protecting you from all the splatters, flour, and spills that inevitably happen during the process. It’s also made with 100% cotton and comes with an adjustable neck strap, so you can cook in comfort and style. 

Bonus: this is also a really great gift if you have a Danny Trejo fan in your life who loves spending time in the kitchen but doesn’t like a big mess afterward. 

Why you definitely need an apron while cooking 

Protect your clothing

The first and most obvious reason to invest in a good chef’s apron is to protect your clothes from the inevitable mess that comes with whipping up a delicious meal. Even if you’re throwing a party and wearing your Sunday best, you can still grill to your heart’s content without worrying about messing up your favorite dressy clothes. Then, simply take your apron off and enjoy the party with the rest of your friends and family! 

    Keep you clean

    Another major perk of wearing an apron while cooking? It can keep you clean just as much as it does your clothes. That means less time washing up and more time to dedicate to enjoying your favorite homemade meals! 

      Keep your kitchen clean

      Finally, wearing a chef’s apron is a great way to minimize the overall mess that inevitably occurs while you’re cooking. The more food that ends up on your apron, the less time you’ll have to spend cleaning all those errant spills and stains off of your floors and cabinets. 

        Other tools you’ll definitely want while you’re cooking 

        Looking for more Trejo-inspired gear to show off while you’re cooking it up in your kitchen? We’ve gathered some other chef-worthy favorites inspired by Danny’s restauranteur side. 

        Trejo’s Hot Sauce 3-Pack

        If you’re in the camp that agrees that no food is complete without a dash of a delicious hot sauce, you need this 3-pack of signature hot sauces served in all of Danny’s restaurants including Trejo’s Tacos and Trejo’s Cantina! Made with a mouthwatering blend of chipotle, chili de arbol, guajillo, chili puya, California entero, serrano, and cayenne peppers, this medium-spiced hot sauce goes good with virtually anything you’re making in your kitchen from pizzas and sauces to soups and tacos. 

        Trejo’s Hot Sauce Special Edition 2022 

        Or, for the real adventurous palate and Trejo fan, invest in this special, limited-edition hot sauce! This 2022 special-edition hot sauce is made with the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper and packs a flavorful punch without overwhelming your taste buds. Only 1,0000 bottles of this smoky-sweet hot sauce were released, and each bottle is numbered and signed for authentication, so it makes for a great conversation piece just as much as it does a tasty condiment for all of your favorite foods. 

        Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook

        Looking for new ways to shake it up in the kitchen and add some new favorite recipes to your rotation? Peruse Danny’s Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook for inspiration! This book includes 75 mouthwateringly delicious recipes inspired by Mexico and Los Angeles and is a testimony to Danny’s career in Hollywood and his mother’s lifelong dream to open a restaurant. Bonus points: each copy from the Trejos Store is also signed by Danny himself! 

        Trejo’s Cantina Cookbook

        If you’re hungry for even more, you can take it one step further and invest in Trejo’s Cantina Cookbook, which is also signed by Danny himself! This cookbook features a huge variety of cocktails, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks that will get the party going and solidify your reputation as the host with the most. 

        Trejo’s Tacos Tortilla Warmer

        Need to warm up a big batch of tortillas to go with all of those delicious foods you’ve been cooking up all day? Enter: the Trejo’s Tacos Tortilla Warmer. This microwave-friendly tortilla warmer makes it easier than ever to get a bunch of tortillas warm and fresh for your fiesta. Just add in the tortillas (or pita, roti, naan, or wraps) of your choice, then pop it into the microwave and zap for less than a minute. Your bread will stay hot and warm for up to one hour so all of your guests can have only the best. 

        Can Cooler

        Finally, no grill session is complete without a nice cold beverage in hand. This black foam can cooler features a Trejo’s Tacos logo and keeps your drink of choice nice and cold all night long. These also make for great party favors and gifts for your guests! 


        Whether you’re a professional chef or an at-home legend, no chef’s outfit is complete without a nice apron to protect your clothing and keep your kitchen clean. For a unique and crowd-pleasing apron, the Trejo’s Tacos apron is a great choice for any guy who loves a good explosive movie just as much as they love a hot and delicious meal. 

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