Gifts For Husbands

If you inevitably find yourself stuck while trying to find the perfect gift for your husband year after year, you’re going to want to bookmark this list!

Shopping for the perfect gift for your husband isn’t always an easy endeavor, especially if he’s not particularly materialistic. But if he’s a big fan of tacos and action movies, we’re betting he’s also a pretty big fan of Hollywood great Danny Trejo … and if that’s the case, we’ve got plenty of great merchandise that’ll make for the perfect gift for your husband. 

Here is our ultimate gift guide for some of our favorite cool, funny, and useful Trejo-themed gifts for your husband that definitely won’t just collect dust and take up space in your house. 

Trejo’s Tacos Grey and Black Hoodie

He keeps you warm through the long nights -- now give him a gift that’ll return the favor! This classic and comfortable grey hoodie is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and goes well with anything, so he can rock his favorite actor and taco restaurant all year round whether he’s dressed up or dressed down. 

Pro tip: buy another one for yourself, so he doesn’t complain about you stealing his hoodie like he does with all his other favorite pieces of outerwear. 

Trejo’s Tacos Signed Cookbook

Honestly, this one is actually a gift for yourself, but we won’t tell. The Trejo’s Tacos Cookbook is beautifully photographed and full of delicious recipes inspired by both Mexican and Los Angeles cultures, both of which helped shape Trejo into the man he is today. What this means for you: once your husband gets his hands on this book, he’ll be whipping up a ton of delicious treats that he’s sure to share with you. 

In case you need to sweeten the deal, though, this edition of Trejo’s Tacos is actually signed by Danny Trejo himself, so he can show it off to all his other Trejo-loving friends while he’s cooking up a storm. 

Trejo’s Sticker Collection

Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a gag gift, or just a little extra something to show your husband you care, this 3-pack of vinyl stickers is sure to hit the mark for anyone who’s a big fan of all things Trejo. These three stickers each sport logos for Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts, and Trejo’s Cerveza respectively, so he has plenty of options for sticking these things all around the house and getting a dose of badassery no matter what his mood. 

Baby One Piece

Looking for the perfect gift for your husband to catch him off guard and announce that you guys have a brand new bundle of joy coming? Enter: A Trejo’s Taco baby one-piece. 

This pre-shrunk baby one-piece fits babies 6-12 months old and features the iconic Trejo’s Tacos logo as well as an “Hecho en Los Ángeles” slogan so that you can let everyone know exactly what city your new blessing is repping. He’ll definitely be caught off guard if you add this to your baby announcement gift for him … but in a really good way. 


For a sleek, classy, and subtle gift that’ll still let him rock his favorite restaurant and actor on the daily, get your husband this beautiful embossed keychain. This sturdy and stylish keychain is polished to perfection and can be bought with either a Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts, or Trejo’s Cerveza logo depending on whatever his favorite Trejo treats happen to be. It’ll look great with all of his keys and give him a little reminder of all those nights spent watching classic action flicks with you every time he pulls it out. 

Embroidered Hat

For the husband who can’t stop his love for Los Angeles, this embroidered hat is a perfect everyday accessory. This black cap features an embroidered white “Trejo’s Tacos” logo and fits most due to its adjustable snap-back fastener. It’s the perfect subtle tribute to Danny Trejo, Los Angeles culture, and tacos --- aka all of the things he loves the most. 

Insulated Coffee Tumbler

If your husband gets up early and heads off to work before the sun is even up, this insulated coffee tumbler is a super-thoughtful gift that he’ll definitely be using every single day. This 16oz CamelBak tumbler is insulated and comes with a lid, so he can keep his coffee hot and safe even as he’s commuting and getting down to business. You can also choose from either a black Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts or a white Trejo’s Tacos mug depending on what his favorite restaurant happens to be. 

Trejo’s Hot Sauce Special Edition 2022 

For the husband who needs a spicy kick in every meal, this special edition hot sauce is the ultimate gift. This blend is ultra-flavorful and adds a smoky, spicy, and sweet punch to everything it’s added on. The best part: it’s not just a hot sauce, it’s also signed by Trejo himself and numbered since it’s such a limited edition offer, making it a real collector’s item that he can cherish for the long haul. 


Choosing the perfect gift for your husband on his birthday, Valentine’s day, or during the holiday season ultimately comes down to figuring out his interests --- and if he’s into Danny Trejo movies, Los Angeles, Mexican culture, and great food, he’s sure to appreciate a gift featuring his favorite action movie star! These gifts are perfect for any occasion and are sure to bring him a smile (plus, he’ll actually use them … always a win when it comes to choosing gifts for your husband!). 

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