Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Whether it’s your first or your thirtieth Valentine’s Day together, shopping for the perfect present for him can be hard -- especially if neither of you is super into the idea of hearts, chocolates, and teddy bears. 

No worries: even if you both visibly cringe at the idea of being ooey-gooey during this romantic holiday, we have some of the best unique and non-cheesy Valentine’s day gifts for him that show just how much you care! Read on for more unique Valentine’s gifts for the man in your life who loves kickass action sequences, good food, and the legendary actor Danny Trejo. 

Unique Valentines Gifts For Him

Trejo’s Coffee Diner Mug

If it’s your very first Valentine’s Day together and you want to give him a gift that’s useful and not too sappy, you really can’t do much better than a coffee mug. But if you want to really spice things up and give him something he’ll look forward to using every single morning, get him a mug with his hero’s face stamped across it! This heavy-duty classic diner mug features a Trejo’s Coffee logo and is the perfect retro-cool gift that he’ll use day in and day out to get his hot beverage fix, whether he’s just getting his day started or settling in for a late night of movie binging. 

Trejo’s Tacos 360 Socks

Ah, socks: you hate getting them when you’re a kid but they’re the best present when you’ve grown up! For a really unique and non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift idea for him, you can’t go wrong with a fun pair of socks …. especially when they’re covered with the Trejo’s Tacos logo from front to back. These black and white socks are the perfect fun statement piece for any boyfriend who loves rocking a fun sock to complete his fit. 

Danny's Essentials

For the guy who wants nothing more than to live his life the same way that Danny Trejo does, this bundle is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for him. It has all of the items that Danny just can’t live without, from a convenient microwave-friendly tortilla warmer to a bottle of Trejo’s Tacos signature hot sauce, plus an organic cotton tote bag to hold it all together. 

Black/Pink/White Stripe Pom Pom Beanie

If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for him that definitely doesn’t feel last-minute, a beanie is a great choice. This cozy beanie is soft, warm, and thick so it’s a perfect gift that he can throw on whenever the weather’s feeling nippy or he’s having a bad hair day. It also features a Trejo’s Donuts logo so that he can rep his favorite actor and coffee shop combo -- and it’s even pink for the occasion! 

Sugar Skull by Ernesto Yerena

This art print is both cool and meaningful -- it’s a screen print of the original art that was made by LA artist Ernesto Yerena for the first Trejo’s Tacos location! So it’s a perfect Valentine’s gift for a husband or boyfriend who appreciates art, tacos, and the uniquely vibrant collision of Mexican and Los Angeles cultures. It’s also signed by both Danny Trejo and Ernesto Yerena, which might just make it the best gift he’ll ever receive. 

Chef’s Apron

If you have a badass boyfriend or husband whose love of cooking is only rivaled by his love of kickass action movie sequences, he’ll love this chef’s apron. This black apron is decorated with a white Trejo’s Tacos logo featuring a proud “hecho en Los Angeles” slogan for every LA-based Trejo fan. It’s also 100% cotton and has an adjustable neck strap, so he can whip up a meal in style without messing up any of his other clothes in the process. Just make sure that he uses it to grill you up something delicious! 

Trejo's Tacos Cookbook (signed by Danny Trejo)

As any fan of Danny Trejo knows: he’s way more than just an actor -- he’s also a restauranteur with an incredible story to tell. If your man enjoys hitting up Trejo’s Tacos and watching Machete on repeat, he’ll probably also really enjoy this Trejo’s Tacos cookbook signed by Danny himself. Not only does it have plenty of delicious recipes for him to make in his own kitchen, but it also features a vibrant celebration of Los Angeles, Mexican culture, and Danny’s own life story. 

Black Zip-Up Hoodie

Honestly, some of the best gifts that you can give your boyfriend or husband are the gifts that you can also use yourself. Enter: this black zip-up hoodie with a Trejo’s Cerveza logo on the back and an “una cerveza mas” graphic on the front. Yeah, it’s a great present for him … but we won’t blame you if you also steal it for yourself on occasion. 

Trejo's Sticker Collection

If you’re looking for inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers or friends who all enjoy an explosive blockbuster action flick, this pack of stickers fits the bill. Each set comes with three 4” vinyl stickers that feature either a Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Cerveza, or Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts logo, so you can distribute them to everyone in the group based on their favorite eats and drinks. They’re also suitable for outdoor use, which means that they can stick them on virtually anything they lug around on the regular like a water bottle or a coffee mug. 

Trejo's Hot Sauce 3-Pack

Finally, consider adding a little spice to your life this Valentine’s Day -- literally. This unique Valentine’s gift idea for men is the ultimate option for anyone who loves eating food with a kick (just like they love watching movies with a movie with plenty of actual kicks, punches, and weapons). Made with a mouthwatering blend of chipotle, chili de Arbol, guajillo, chili puya, California entera, serrano, and cayenne peppers, this is the same all-natural hot sauce that can be found in all Trejo’s Tacos and Trejo’s Cantina restaurants. This pack also comes with three bottles, which means it’s also a great gift option for divvying up among coworkers or any other groups of people in your life who appreciates delicious and spicy fare. 


Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be sappy, or cheesy, or oozing with lovey-dovey energy just to express how much you love your significant other. These badass gifts are just as cool as they are unique -- and really, when it comes to shopping for the special man in your life, what’s more romantic than that?

Photo by Leah Kelley: